My seventeen, my birthday

Yesterday was my seventeen years old birthday.
*guess what? LOL I've been celebrate with all my loves. Johant JOJO,Jul Jul,Jesper,Mico,Taki,Angeline,Tommy & other's.
It was a simple yet awesome's brithday celebration eva!!!!!! ;D

Friday night,I went to Jusco for movie with my Jul after my tuition class.
It was a nice movie " Punished " . ;)
After that,she gave me a big big surprise! You know what!? I was shocked!
LOL I couldn't describe my feelings with word.
There were only me and her,so she bought a slice of cake for me without notice. ;) Hiak hiak!

Here is it :)  

She brought it out in suddenly and I was so so surprise when I saw this. OMG!
I gonna crazy that night,my mouth was so tired because I can't stop smiling Bahahaha!! :D

And here's the present from my JUL    

It was the awesome moment I ever had,a big surprise from my precious. ;)

In the second day,we went Pav with Johant Jojo,Jesper and after that we meet up with Taki,Mico,Verdian and ...

Now,another surprise again @.@

Ready !? Haha ...

Wahahahhaa! Brought out from Johant!!!!!!!!!!   

And here's the present from Johant Jojo!!!

I don't know taken by who la,bb don't blame meee xD
My bb bought me two boxes of chocolate. Too bad I didn't snap it up :(
BB,I finished the chocolate :S :P :p

I'm making the wish     

I smiled !!!! :D

Johant Jojo     

Taki and me    

Bb with me  

2 J     

JOJO with me,but too bad, BLUR @@



Night,we went to WINGS.     

My cute JUL muack muack     

Cute Jesper    ♥ Bahahaha

Angeline on the stage!! ;D Taylor Swift-Love Story!

After that she got this ;)

Our superstar!!! :D

Wink ****

Here my presents from the very important person ;)

Comme des Garcons* from the boyfriend, Johant JoJo
SO COOL MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe,this from my baby girl Jul 
Seriously I love it so much !!

Thankiu my baby boy Johant Jojo,Jul Jul,BB Mico,Angeline,Taki and all facebook friends who had wished me!! And also my father and mother ;)

Appreciate lots

To be continue...